BrewDog Punk AF Alcohol-Free IPA Review.

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The Scottish brewery has built a reputation for bold, flavorful beers, and now they're bringing that same level of quality to its alcohol-free offerings.  They’ve really invested in their non-alcoholic range in recent years, and I’m pretty sure changed the recipe or brewing process somewhat for a few of them aswell.  Let’s jump in and see if this IPA if worth your fridge space.











NameBrewdog Punk AF
Country Of ProductionScotland
water, lactose (milk), malted barley, hops, wheat, yeast, oats.
Nutritional Information
Carbohydrates3g Per 100ml.
Energy15kl Per 100ml
Sugar1.8g Per 100ml.
Fat0.1g Per 100ml.
Protein0.1g Per 100ml.
Can We Be Friends?
Vegan FriendlyNo.
Gluten FreeYes.

BrewDog Punk AF Alcohol-Free IPA Review.

Too Lazy, Want To Drink

It’s clear that with this brew, Brewdog have gone all out to deliver the deliciousness of a good IPA. Overall, it’s clear that BrewDog has managed to offer drinkers a full-flavored alternative option with its Punk AF Alcohol-Free IPA.

How Is Brewdog Punk Af Alcohol-Free Ipa Brewed?

Obviously it’s brewed by the renowned Scottish craft brewery Brewdog.

Punk AF is made using a “specialist brewing process” that involves fermenting the beer for a longer period, allowing the yeast to create a fuller, more rounded out flavour, while also creating less alcohol.

The result is a hoppy flavor profile that includes notes of tropical fruit and citrus but still maintains a crisp finish due to no added sugar being used during production.


Straight off the bat there is a strong hoppy aroma! Also, a nice sweetness and a hint of grapes. The hops bring out a hint of citrus and herbal notes; while, there are also subtle malty aromas that give off an earthy scent.

The nose on this alcohol-free IPA is quite distinct, offering up hints of pine, grass and even some tropical fruit tones. For added depth, there is also a slight hint of floral notes as well as bready yeast aromas in the background.

Any craft beer enthusiast will really appreciate the aroma on this one.


A nice ,very slightly hazy but still rather transparent,reddish gold . Good white foamy head , decent lacing.

Brewdog Punk AF Alcohol-Free IPA is like a painting in the glass. It’s slightly hazy but its deep golden colour is illuminated with a sort of reddish gold, its clarity so clear you can almost see through it.

The texture of this beer has a nice effervescence as bubbles dance along its sides and dissipate quickly. A good foamy beige head with pretty decent lacing.

This is one I would happily let sit out and let it settle, really soaking up the hoppy aroma on wait.


Solid sharp IPA hoppiness , a nice subtle sweetness with a hint of fruitiness in the background.

Delightful! With citrus and tropical notes featuring heavily, it’s both refreshing and flavourful. Here are three elements that make this no/low beer stand out from the crowd:

  • The first sip boasts hints of mango and pineapple;
  • Lovely undertones of passionfruit emerge as you drink further; 
  • A slight bitterness lingers to round off the experience nicely. 

It’s clear that with this brew, Brewdog have gone all out to deliver deliciousness of a good IPA.


Somewhat thin, as expected from an alcohol-free IPA, with a nice fizz to the carbonation. 

  • It’s incredibly thin yet kind of juicy with no sharp aftertaste.
  • There’s a subtle sweetness on the palate that lingers just long enough to make it interesting without being overwhelming. Not much bitterness.
  • The carbonation level is close to a seltzer.

Overall Impression

Some may argue that alcohol-free IPAs are not worth the effort, as it can be difficult to find a truly satisfying experience. That said, I think Brewdog’s Punk AF Alcohol-Free IPA is an impressive example of how far this type of NA beer has come in recent years.

Overall, I would recommend giving Punk AF a try if you’re looking for an IPA. It’s not the best on the market but nothing to be dodged either.

FAQS About Brewdogs Punk AF

What is the ABV of Brewdog Punk AF Alcohol Free IPA?

Brewdog Punk AF Alcohol-Free IPA has 0.5% ABV, so it’s considered a “near beer”.

Is Brewdog Punk Af Alcohol-Free Ipa Vegan-Friendly?

Unfortunately not. Brewdog Punk AF contains lactose so vegans will have to give this one a miss.

Does Brewdog Punk Af Alcohol-Free Ipa Contain Any Gluten?

Brewdog Punk AF is gluten free. According to Brewdog they test each batch using specially calibrated equipment to ensure that every bottle contains zero parts per million (ppm) of gluten.