Non-Alcoholic Beer At Qatar World Cup 2022

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With the news that Qatar has (unsurprisingly) banned alcohol at the stadiums, it’s a chance for non-alcoholic beers to take the spotlight at the world cup 2022.

With the news that Qatar has (unsurprisingly) banned alcohol at the stadiums, it’s a chance for non-alcoholic beers to take the spotlight at the world cup 2022.

Zero Alcohol At The World Cup

With no alcohol at the World Cup in Qatar, in a literal sense, there will only be zero alcohol, as the only beers now permitted to be sold are 0% abv beers.

Although there are a growing number of non-alcoholic beer options available in Qatar, for those who are looking for a refreshing and alcohol-free alternative. 

However, it’s important to note that in the Middle East and Qatar, only 0.0% abv drinks are considered alcohol-free. 

Even though in most countries worldwide, 0.5% abv is considered alcohol free, Anything 0.5% abv or above in the Middle East is actually considered alcoholic.

What Non-Alcoholic Beers Are Available At The World Cup

With Qatar’s strict alcohol laws, non-alcoholic beers are pretty popular there and easy to find, with a decent selection across many stores and supermarkets.

Some of the most popular U.S & European brands are available and easy to find across Qatar, such as Heineken 0.0%, Budweiser 0.0, and Coors Edge, as well as a host of middle eastern non-alcoholic beer brands.

Budweiser had the licensing to sell its own brand exclusively at the stadiums during games before the beer ban. However, you will still be able to purchase Bud Zero during every game.

According to an official statement from Fifa, Budweiser will be able to sell its non-alcoholic beer throughout the stadium areas for $8.25 for 500ml.

We definitely expect Bud Zero to get a lot of attention for the next few weeks. And who knows, maybe some people could be swayed to try more zero beers. 

budweiser zero can with a 500ml glass full of budweiser zero

Although at the stadium prices we’re not too sure…

Is Non Alcoholic Beer Popular In Qatar?

Barbican is also a pretty popular brand in Qatar. It’s more of a malt soda than a non-alcoholic beer but it is highly recommended. 

Can of barbican malt soda

Is Non-Alcoholic Beer Legal In Qatar

Throughout the World Cup tournament, beer is available to buy at designated fan zones and in VIP boxes at the stadium; outside of this, normal laws apply.

If you have traveled over for some games and are wondering if you can freely buy non-alcoholic beer in Qatar, you are in luck. 

Non-alcoholic beer is completely legal to purchase and consume throughout Qatar, the only issue is how similar a non-alcoholic beer looks to a real one. 

It’s the same conundrum as to why you need I.D. for non-alcoholic beers in bars. It just looks so similar it’s almost impossible to police.

So while you can purchase and consume non-alcoholic beers, it’s best to do it only at a bar, at your hotel, or at a stadium.

If you carry what looks like beer in a cup on the street it’s just not worth the hassle trying to explain it’s non-alcoholic.

Even if you are carrying a can or bottle labeled zero beer, it will still bring unwanted attention on you.

Over To You

If you are a non-alcoholic drinker and have been to the World Cup, or in Qatar during the tournament, we would love to hear from you. 

Considering some laws have been relaxed due to a diverse supporter base, we would like to know it anything has changed regarding 0.5% abv beers in public and in and around the stadiums. 

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