What Is CBD-Infused Non-Alcoholic Beer? Everything You Need to Know

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I'll cover everything you need to know about cbd infused non-alcoholic beers and look at why it's definitely a trend worth keeping an eye on.

Did you know that hop is related to cbd? The hop flower, the soul of beers, belongs to the Cannabaceae family. Since hop is such a crucial part of beer making, it is not too farfetched to infuse CBD with beer.

While you can already find many CBD-infused items in the market, adding it to beer is a bold idea that simply works. 

Let’s take a closer look at non-alcoholic CBD-infused beer and what makes the combination click.

What Exactly Is CBD-Infused Non-Alcoholic Beer?

Any beer infused with CBD and that is under 0.5% ABV (alcohol by volume) is a non-alcoholic CBD beer. 

These unique craft brews offer all the flavor of a traditional non-alcoholic beer with the added benefit of a natural calming effect from the CBD.

It has become an alternative choice for many looking for relaxation without having to consume alcohol or processed drinks filled with carbs & additives.

Non-alcoholic beer drinkers interested in trying out this new trend will find that CBD has many benefits, all while enjoying their favorite brew at the same time. 

For example, it may help reduce inflammation, depression symptoms, muscle pain or anxiety – all without the intoxicating effects of alcohol.

Some simply enjoy this beverage to kick back and relax after a stressful day. 

Others use as medicated drinks to help people deal with multiple health disorders. 

And, since it doesn’t have alcohol, you can enjoy it anytime you want.

How Is CBD-Infused Non-Alcoholic Beer Made?

Brewing flavorful and quality CBD-infused non-alcoholic beer requires a delicate balancing act.

Non-alcoholic beer is made by either stopping the fermentation process before all the sugar turns to alcohol in the beer, or removing the alcohol after the beer is brewed by using the boil-off method.

While no non-alcoholic CBD beer producer has revealed the process of how they infuse their CBD into their beer, they possibly add it at the final stage of production. 

This is after the fermentation process ends and most of the alcohol in the beer has been removed.

The type of CBD extract used to make CBD non-alcoholic beer is hemp extract.  This extract can be full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD Isolate. 

Some producers even like to flavor their beer with hemp and add toasted hemp seeds to their brews.

When any ingredient is nano-emulsified, it infuses more readily with things.  Since CBD oil doesn’t mix well with other liquids, a nano-emulsified version of CBD is added to the beer after the alcohol is removed. 

The process creates a hoppy beer that is soaked with all the benefits of CBD.

Is CBD-Infused Non-Alcoholic Beer Safe to Drink?

CBD-infused non-alcoholic beer is considered safe to drink if it is made with high-quality CBD and is consumed in moderation.

Having one or two CBD-infused alcohol-free beers can help you relax with no intoxicating effects.

Contrary to popular belief, CBD is not a psychoactive cannabis compound as it is derived from hemp

By legal definition, hemp is any cannabis plant with less than 0.3% THC, so, this means that CBD doesn’t make you high. 

Without any THC and alcohol, you can enjoy CBD-infused non-alcoholic alone or socially without any real side effects. However, while CBD is not psychoactive, taking very high dosages can actually make you sleepy. So maybe not the best choice for a lord of the rings marathon night.

Also, most non-alcoholic CBD beers only have around 2-10mg of CBD, which is equivalent to individual dosages of CBD found in other products like CBD oils, jellies and capsules. 

So unless you are drinking by the crate at a time, it’s perfectly safe to enjoy without any issues.

Although it’s important to note while CBD is considered safe, most CBD products are not regulated by the FDA.

So, because CBD-infused non-alcoholic beer is not subject to the same quality control standards as other products, you always want to buy CBD-infused non-alcoholic beer from reputable brewers that you know use high-quality CBD and follow proper manufacturing processes.  

Why Add CBD to Non-Alcoholic Beer?

Ever since CBD was legalized in 47 states of the US, it has been added to many types of food, drinks, creams, and other products.

CBD-infused non-alcoholic beer is a way for non-alcoholic beer drinkers to get that “buzz” back in their brew. 

Others enjoy the health benefits it offers. 

Here are a few notable health benefits of CBD: 

  • Research has shown that CBD can be used to treat anxiety disorders. So unwinding with a CBd-infused zero beer can have added benefits to sitting back and relaxing for an afternoon.
  • Since CBD can relieve anxiety, it’s great as a social drink and can help you chill out and enjoy the party, especially if you suffer with social anxiety or tend to get nervous in crowds.
  • Some studies have shown the potential of CBD to work as a natural antidepressant.
  • Studies have shown that CBD can also be used to manage pain for various chronic health conditions.
  • The FDA-approved CBD medicine, Epidiolex, is used to stop seizures in people who have some forms of Epilepsy.
  • CBD is scientifically backed to treat opioid addictions. So, people can actually use alcohol-free CBD beer to fight opioid cravings, irritation, and other withdrawal symptoms. 
  • People can use CBD-infused, non-alcoholic beer to manage PTSD. While it may not take away PTSD, CBD can make living with PTSD easier.
  • Probably the most common use of CBD is using it for insomnia; as we mentioned before, CBD can help you sleep.

CBD-Infused Non-Alcoholic Beer: Yay or Nay?

CBD-infused non-alcoholic beer is definitely a ‘yay.’ 

On top of all of its health benefits, it doesn’t really change the overall feel or flavor of your non-alcoholic beer. 

In fact, it actually hides that nutty and seedy taste of CBD while giving you all the benefits of CBD.

And, if it attracts a wider audience into giving non-alcoholic beer a try, then we’re all for it.

Faqs about cbd non-alcoholic beers

Is CBD non-alcoholic beer legal?

Yes, you can purchase CBD non-alcoholic beer wherever CBD is legal.
Here are the state laws for CBD in the US.
CBD is legal all across the UK so you can freely purchase CBD-infused non-alcoholic beer in England, Scotland, and Wales.

Does CBD non-alcoholic beer get you high?

No, contrary to popular belief, CBD non-alcoholic beer does not produce a psychoactive high because it does not contain THC.

What does drinking CBD do?

CBD is often used for its potential health benefits, which include reducing anxiety, promoting relaxation, and improving sleep. Some people also use CBD to help with pain management.

Can you drive after drinking CBD?

It’s perfectly safe to drive after drinking CBD, as it does not produce psychoactive effects or impair cognitive function.

How do you feel after drinking CBD?

The effects of CBD can vary from person to person. Most people feel relaxed or calm after consuming CBD, while others do not notice any significant changes in their mood or state of mind at all.

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